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Top 10 places of interest and entertainment in Khabarovsk

1. The bridge across the Amur River

Also known as the Amur Miracle. This magestic bridge with two-level railway and automobile traffic is famous all over the country for being depicted on a 5-thousand-rouble bill.

2. Temples Khabarovsk

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral in Ploshchad Slavy (Square of Fame) is  the third largest cathedral among the Russian Orthodox churches, following the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. It was erected as a symbol of power in the Far East.

Grado-Khabarovsk Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God was built in the late XIX century. The funds for its construction were raised by the people of Khabarovsk. In 1930, the cathedral was demolished for "not having any architectural value." The idea of the restoration of the Cathedral at its historic site was proposed in the late 1980s. The construction which revived the temple was completed in October 2001, and its second life officially began on October 19, 2002 - the day of his solemn consecration.

3. Embankment of the Amur River

The center of the embankment is the Amur Cliff, one of the most beautiful places in Khabarovsk. On the top of the cliff is the monument to Muravyov-Amurskiy - the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia. A picturesesque park is located on the steep terraces. On the upper terrace of the park, a monument to famous explorer and researcher of the Russian Far East Nevelskoy was erected in 1951. Also located here is Lenin Stadium which was constructed in 1957 and is the largest sports complex in the Russian Far East. The city beach and piers are situated at the foot of the cliff. River vessels travel from here to the neighboring settlements.

4. Urban ponds

Khabarovsk city ponds complex is a cascade of three ponds, separated by walkways and access roads for motor vehicles.

The Lower Pond is called "Michinoku Bank" in honor of the business partner of the Khabarovsk Territory in Japan. The fascinating Singing Fountains are located here. The Middle Pond is the deepest. It is used for water sports and boating. It is also famous for its Bridge of Love, where local newly-weds traditionally make their vows . Right off the Upper Pond in the stage where live performances of local bands take place. Along the embankment of the ponds visitors can see sculptures of the characters of famous Russian cartoons.

5. Sports and entertainment complex "Platinum Arena"

This is a multifunctional sports and entertainment complex, designed for:

  • sporting events (hockey, volleyball, figure skating, short track, curling, boxing, martial arts, basketball, ballroom dancing, gymnastics);
  • concerts of famous opera singers, symphony orchestras, Russian and international pop stars;
  • circus shows;
  • exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other events.

6. Theatres and cinemas

Fans of the theater can visit the Theatre of Musical Comedy, the Drama Theater, the Theatre for Young Spectators, the Puppet Theatre and the Pantomime Theatre "Triada". Most movie theaters are also situated here, in the heart of the city.

7. Museums

Right off the embankment of the Amur is the Khabarovsk "museum mile" with the city's most popular museums - the Museum of Local Lore, the Far Eastern Art Museum, the Museum of Military History.

8. Weekend Tour to China

The small town of Fuyuan is the closest to Khabarovsk border trade center in China, located on the left bank of the Amur. Right next to the Khabarovsk Pier are numerous branches of travel agencies, able to help anyone go on a tour to Fuyuan for two or three days. A trip on a speed boat will take just over an hour. These tours are very popular with the residents of Khabarovsk because in Fuyuan one can purchase virtually anything. Many people also go across the river to enjoy Chinese food and traditional massage.

9. Shopping

For those who can not imagine a holiday without shopping, numerous shopping malls operate in Khabarovsk. At the Central Food Market visitors can buy groceries from Far Eastern producers, including seafood, fish, and caviar.

10. Ice sculptures

This attraction can be enjoyed only in the winter, but it is worth seeing! The Far Eastern Ice Sculpture Contest is held in Khabarovsk annually. Sculptors from different countries create true masterpieces of snow and ice, which hundreds of Khabarovsk citizens come to admire. Lighted by the bright sun of Khabarovsk during the day and by colorful lighting at night, the sculptures are an unforgettable sight.

Interesting facts about Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk City has repeatedly won the title of the most comfortable city in Russia.

The area of Khabarovsk is 386 square kilometers, which is 15% of the Moscow area, or 6% of the area of ​​the largest metropolis in the world, Shanghai.

The direct distance between Khabarovsk and Moscow is 6100 km, while the distance between Khabarovsk and the Chinese city of Fuyuan is only 65 km. Several Chinese television and radio channels are available in Khabarovsk, and on a fine day one can even see the Chinese territory from the high right bank of the Amur. In the city, you can also "catch" the network of Chinese mobile operators.

The average annual temperature in Khabarovsk is 2.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature records have been updated recently: the record low is now - 40.0 (14 January 2011),  and the record high is + 36.7 (June 2010). 

Khabarovsk is one of the champions in the number of sunny days per year among the major Russian cities. The sky over the capital of the Russian Far East is cloudless 300 days a year.

The Khabarovsk Bridge and the Amur Cliff with the monument to Count Muraviev-Amurskiy are depicted on the 5000-rouble bill, which is the largest denomination in Russia at the moment.